Power Rangers – Review of a Fun & Entertaining Hollywood Movie.‘Power Rangers’ is one of the most successful movies of 2017. It ranked more than US$40 million in its premier show of a weekend alone. It’s second after the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in the box office hit list. Critics have made some disappointed reviews, but its fans are speaking in favor of the film. Rotten Tomato scored it 46%, but audience scored 81%. It proved that the film is made for the fans, not for Oscar nods or critics.

Power Rangers – Review of a Fun & Entertaining Hollywood Movie

The story of the film is true and familiar with the source material along with some rare changes. Its fans were worried about the changes of the lore and story. The story is remained intact and much pretty for the first person MMPR. The events of the movie are merged in “Day of the Dumpster”. The main dissimilarity is their efforts of the groundwork to construct the world. The audience might be getting fed with the old story, but they will get full fun and entertainment prolonged. And finally it will offer full, great amusement to its fans.

Story of the ‘Power Rangers’

A group of five teenagers gets the power of Ranger Coins once in a time. These colored coins’ power was transferred from recluse to superheroes in a night. But, they get responsibilities with the power. These young fighters get assigned to the work of saving mankind defeating from the Zeo Crystal of the earth. It was a former green ranger got rogue – with Rita Repulsa along with Goldar, her golden giant. The color-coded rangers are former Alpha-5, the robot and Red Ranger Zordan. Can they make the world safe from all hostiles?

Review of the ‘Power Rangers’

Power Rangers are a robot of 90’s camp cinematic TV series. It’s an upgraded predominantly caters installment to the kids. But, it was too preachy, cheesy, unexciting with dated to magnetize or motivates to the youngsters. This is without a scrap on its hard superhero generation. Let to get lured fresh audiences along with the diehard followers of the “Morphin Adventure”. When they make promises to lead you believing something great, the climax gets damp squib particularly.

The lead actors of the film did their job nicely. Especially, Pink Ranger (Naomi Scott) and Red Ranger (Dacre Montgomery) did it great. But, the execution gets lackluster, fail to inspire you to invest in the characters. It goes to sci-fi from an emotional drama is one heck and choppy of an uneven ride. Consequently, the film gets struggling to set up itself as a completely superhero film. You will get the costume of 90’s drama with lack of spandex Bodysuits.

Rita, Elizabeth Banks, is consciously over-the-top. There is nothing special for her to see and you will definitely feel a lack of strong antagonist. You will not find yourself to get the origin of the Rangers and this testament is a failure. Instead of these lacks you will get a decent cast with this slow reboot is meant too very old liking. It can drain your patience and power with its steady moralizing leanings on importance of joint effort, dealing with ramification, grueling the bullies of thoughtless behavior along with the worth of true companionship, etc.

Despite a decent cast, this unhurried reboot is way too ancient for your liking. It drains your power and patience with its constant moralistic lessons on the importance of teamwork, punishing the bullies, dealing with the repercussions of reckless behavior, the value of proper friendship, etc.

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