Incredible Finland Tour with the Best Travel Destinations

Finland isn’t the Scandinavian part technically, but it boasts huge similar qualities as its adjacent countries. There is much incredible scenery with the unspoiled nature along with a relatively liberal and modern political system is attributed to the country. The Northern Lights of the winter are seen in the most of the north part of the country and the country-people love getting enjoy some swimming, barbecuing, fishing etc. But, most of them are sauna.

Some of the Incredible Places in Finland

When you’re visiting Finland, normally you’re heading to Helsinki, but you must include some other amazing destinations outside of the capital city. Here are some incredible Finland places to see.


Finland’s capital and main city of the Uusimma (Nyland) province offering diverse cultural activities, including the Finland’s National Museum, the Finish Art Gallery and the Helsinki City Museum. These features modern and classical art exhibitions along with three chief theaters. There are many suburbs developed from 1950’s onwards, which was limiting the city and making administrative problems of the country. It resolved through establishing towns in Espoo or Esbo to Vantaa and western side’s independent administrative units.


The Island of Aland is an amazing archipelago between Finland and Sweden. This is the main Swedish-speaking region in Finland. Aland contains some large islands with more than 10,000 smaller ones. It has a great history with Russia, Sweden and British/French over the islands. There are about 11,000 people currently in the main town of Mariehamn. The island’s main industry is shipping and trade is leading to the Maritime Museum, Maritime Quarter and Museum Ship Pommern. There is also another visitor attraction of the Jan Karlsgarden open air museum and they can how the island was in 1890. Moreover, there are many artists’ studios to visit.

Northern Lights

Most of the visitors enjoy the Northern Lights as a once-in-lifetime treat. Finland is the top country over the world to see these blazing light curtains across the sky. Although, sometimes lights are seen in the southern regions and Lapland is the best place to see the lights. Visitors are mostly guaranteed to observe the northern lights between September and March if the sky is cloud-free. There are huge hotels for the northern lights visitors.


Hameenlinna is an amazingly charming narrow and long lake located in Vanajavesi. Its hills made the south Hameenlinna’s boundary. The Swedish government established the town in 1639, which is strengthened and enlarged. Its red brick castle made noted landmarks with the Aulanko Park. The town’s economy is depending on the timber-processing industry and metal working. The top attractions of Hameenlinna are Paavo Cajander’s statue, Town Hall, the Sibelius Museum and Park and the Historical Museum near the park.

Archipelago National Park (ANP)

Another travelers’ attraction in Finland is the Archipelago National Park that was established in 1983. There is a mix culture of the Russian, Finnish and Swedish. This is also a great place for the outdoor enthusiasts. The sky meets the seen on the island and the sea is almost calm. Visitors can rent boats with different types like motor boats, kayaks etc to enjoy a boat riding on the islands’ waters.


Besides of these incredible traveling destinations in Finland, visitors can go to some other interesting places, including Jyväskylä, Lake Saimaa and Savonlinna, Lemmenjoki National Park, Oulu and Tampere. So, you need some more days to complete your Finland tour to get it all most attractive places’ visits.