Food we should avoid as dinner.To stay healthy you have to be 100% sure about what you consume. You can’t just take any food any time. It is not appropriate if you want to stay fit. Like this you need to know what food you should consume before sleeping. As dinner is considered as the most important meal of the day. Here is some food that are forbidden to eat before you sleep.

Food we should avoid as dinner

* Chocolate: Dark chocolates are generally considered as a healthy food that contains magnesium and antioxidants. It also contains caffeine, which could keep you awake. So everyone should avoid it especially during night time as it might create hindrance in your sound sleep.

* Nut Butter: Nut butter is a great source of fat. Also, it may help in losing weight but fats digest slow and if consumed in large quantities may remain present in your stomach all night. Also may lead to disturbed sleep. That’s why keep high fat foods like (nuts, cheese, cream sauces) relatively low at night.

* Chilies and spicy foods: if made with the right mix of ingredients chilies are healthy, but they are spicy, and if consumed late in the night may end up causing heartburn and may result in killing your sound sleep. So one should avoid heavy spiced foods during night because if your sleep is disturbed, your health will deteriorate.

* Greasy or fat-filled foods like pizza: Greasy, heavy, fatty foods will make your stomach overwork throughout night.It will result in disturbed sleep and making you sluggish next morning. So before bed foods like fast food, nuts, ice cream, or super cheesy foods should be avoided.

* Chinese Food: This is another food item that is important to avoid during night as the MSG (Monosodium Glutamate, flavor enhancer) found in Chinese food works in a similar way as the caffeine would do in the body, making it really difficult to fall asleep.

* Milk: We consider milk to be a rich source of protein and calcium. But it may kill your sleep if you drink it before bed because of its lactose content. This lactose can create digestive issues in many individuals. Especially if you are lactose intolerant, you should definitely avoid it.

* Red meat and other non-veg items: Eating red meats and other non-veg items in large amounts at night will remain in your digestive system for long time and it will make it hard for you to get sound sleep while you’re digesting. So red meat and eating a large portion of chicken or pork may affect you the worst leading to troubled sleep along with weight gain.