Canada’s awesome, inspiring scenery, welcoming atmosphere and vibrant cities made it enlisted in the most popular tourist destination. It’s the largest North American country and combined with vast landscaping with majestic mountains, virgin forests, Arctic Tundra, specious prairies ad spectacular coastlines. The British and French national are dominating among other nation, but Canada is the country of multicultural communities.

Canada Tour – Best & Exclusive Tourist Spots in Canada

Some Best and Exclusive Tourist Spots in Canada

Here is Canada’s overview of the best and exclusive travelers’ destinations. These cities make the visitors charmed with all the ways. So, let’s start our journey to amazing Canada:


The city of Vancouver is located in between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains in British Columbia. Its majestic landscapes present a natural playground for the tourists who can swim in the Pacific Ocean. There are the chances of the scenic parks’ Rollerblade and snow-skiing all day long in the mountains. This third largest metropolitan attracts the visitors most with its Stanly Park’s woodlands, green spaces and gardens. The other top sites of the city are included huge shops in Chinatown and remarkable foods of the Granville Island.

Banff National Park

The First national park of Canada is located in Alberta province. This is the largest and most tourists visited national park of Canada. The breathtaking sceneries of the park along with its wildlife attract tourists each year in the Trans-Canada Highway passes through the park. This park contains a wide range of wildlife’s concentration, including mammal such as grizzly bears, black bears, moose, bighorn sheep, bald eagles, wolves and bison.

Ontario’s Niagara Falls

The fall is the combination of 3 awesome waterfalls located in the Ontario border of Canada and the US New York border. Its Ontario side is known as the Horseshoe Falls offering most attractive sceneries and the best views of the falls. The surroundings of the falls are well equipped for visitors with observation towers, casinos, shops, restaurants, souvenir shops and high-rise hotels. This premium water falls is seen with the best view from the Ontario’s Queen Victoria Park. The falls are illuminated here and fireworks are displayed at night during the summer time.


Canada’s second largest city, Montreal, became the financial and cultural capital of the province of Quebec. Here is the largest community of French-speaking outside of France. The metropolis is compiled with historic quarter, downtown district, several distinctive neighborhoods and entertainment district. The main sights of Montreal are downtown skyscrapers in the Olympic Tower, Montreal’s historic buildings and some family fascinations like water parks and theme parks.


Canada’s most populated city, Toronto, is the capital city of Ontario as well. This is the largest city in Canada and in North America. It’s world’s most culturally diverse cities with the huge number of small districts such as Chinatown, little Italy, little India etc. Toronto’s main travelers’ attractions are the impressive landmarks in the iconic CN Tower and CASA Loma’s Fairy Tale Castle. Moreover, the islands are the great choice of visitors for the outdoor activities and beaches.

These are some amazing Canada cities with vibrant colors and huge landscaping. There are much more to do in other cities of the country. Some other wonderful cities of Canada are Calgary, Ottawa, Whistler and Quebec City.