Which brands of drinks are available in Bangladesh?


Options to buy alcohol in Dhaka Bar are quite limited given cultural and religious beliefs. However we are entering a new age when youth and the increase of entrepreneurial spirit are making new trades available. This is for many reasons but the biggest in my opinion is the lack of night life in a city full of fun people. There is no Disco in Dhaka, no dance Bar in Dhaka city and all in all an absence of amusement in Dhaka.

The laws relating to addictive drugs are quite strict in Bangladesh. The strictness stems mainly from the religious, cultural and social ambiance of the land. The Narcotics Control Act 1990 and the rules and regulations made thereunder are the central governing laws in this area. I will try to provide a very general understanding on the laws concerning to Narcotics in our country.

Under the law, alcohol means any sprit or any other kind of wine or beer or any liquid containing more than 0.5% alcohol. So far as alcohol is concerned, no one can use, carry, sell, buy, store or produce alcohol without the license from the government. In case of drinking alcohol, any Bangladeshi needs to have a permit from the government. In case of a Muslim, such permit may only be given on medical grounds. For such medical treatment permit, one must produce the prescriptions prescribed by not lower than a civil surgeon or associate professor of the medical college. And there should be the name of the disease and the necessity of the drugs mentioned in the prescription.

Such restrictions directly affect the business. If you are still thinking about the fact from where to buy alcohol in Dhaka? Don’t worry, there are places to buy and consume alcohol. At airport duty free shop and government ware houses you will find a wide array of quality brand collection. In bars you will find whisky, vodka, rum or gin. They will offer you brands like, 100 pipers, Vat 69, Passport, Teachers, White & Mackie, Beefeater, Smirnoff, Lithuanian, Black level, Black Dog, Chivas Regal, etc. For beer lovers they have local beers like Hunter, crown and imported Foster, Heineken, Barron’s, Holstein, etc.

Bangladesh have only one local alcohol brand and it is called Cerew and Co., situated in Darshana. If the government opens this sector for private investment then the current scenario will be changed. There will be more brands and quality products will be available for the consumers.