After a long anticipation, the bike lovers got the new Kinesis Tripster ATR V2 on their hands with pretty much perfect build. The Tripster ATR V2 is for almost all purpose biking, including tour, gravel, adventure, cyclocross, all roads, dirt road and expedition ready bike. Honestly, it covers up you for the most of the places that I like to ride. It looks like that the bike is getting back to riding faster on the smooth and gravel tracks. It’s made with a nice build up than many other bikes.

Short Specifications of the Tripster ATR V2

It comes with Kinesis ATR fork with through axle and rake. Its Crosslight HD 700c wheels come with Praxis Alba cranks, full SRAM Force Groupset and Ritchey WCS Venture saddle. Their tires are Vee Rubber Rail or WTB Nano and seat post is Kinesis carbon.

Some Features of the bike – The Frame

The bike’s frame is the similar beautifully made of titanium with mostly the super popular-first geometrical incarnation. As a result, it still manages the fast road with a detour onto the MTB trail that makes it such a success. Its larger size provides more reach in the frame that the riders can shorter its stem a touch to gear up the steering response and most helpful on the roughest terrain. On the other hand, the extra bottle cage mounted for its fuel bottle is attached to the rear stays. Its internal cable routing could make ensure slick aesthetics, keeping cables away from the frame-bags and keeps it out of the dirt.

The Wheels

The Tripster ATR V2 wheels are the Kinesis Crosslight HD 700c with a set of 650b from the Kinesis. Its tires of the Vee Rubber Rail 650b are really impressive. It’s perfect on the rocks, even snow as well. It grips pretty well for the perforated lugs deform to make the grip effective to roll faster. Its Vee Rubber tires with 700c are the most popular choice and fast ride.


The Tripster ATR V2 comes with a 1X11 setup of the SRAM Force. It offers from 30 gears to 11 with a bit of contrast. It made a huge bike sense. It means the less weight and cleaner frame lines without less wrong going option in the remote places, even in the muddy conditions. Its 11:42 initial cassette is fine with 40t front ring. But, 38t with 10:46 is better for the long term. It comes with double tap shifting that’s useful to the riders.


The Tripster ATR V2 protects you with the SRAM Force hydraulic brakes that are mind blowing. They’re transforming the bike. Its SRAM Force’s bigger hoods give you more strength. They also levers with improved riding experience on the rough trails. The downer thing to manage is its pads got metal after 4 long rides required too much power!


The Tripster ATR V2 got another massive success from its new flared bars of the Ritchey WCS Venture Max. The bars are shaped perfectly. It works on the principle using the Planet X Midge. But, it must get a better variation. It offers the perfect width, height and curve. It’s much better thought out features are made with a big difference over its previous flared bars. They are super light as well that helps for smooth riding.


Yes, it might be a little bit biased as a representative, but the Tripster ATR V2 is a loving peace genuinely. It’s the bike you’re looking for and listen to others, that’s evolved into the V2. The custom design is perfectly done for the great riding over the rock and straight trails. It could be your simply best choice. My only apprehension for long trips is build with a bit more position.